Reduce the Time & Effort of HSM Monitoring

The function of HSM Surveyor is to monitor both individual HSMs and pools of HSMs within an enterprise HSM estate. Reports on pools of HSMs present a composite of the activities and capacities of each HSM or of the entire HSM pool. Alerts can be triggered by a variety of events such as HSM unresponsiveness, HSM error codes, and data collection errors. The insight into the HSM estate provided by HSM Surveyor is invaluable for performance monitoring and resource planning.

Primary Reporting Features

HSM Surveyor supports both predefined and ad hoc report generation. There are three primary kinds of reporting information provided.

  • Communications Diagnostics:  General health information about the HSM communication or HSM estate including status of host ports, network connectivity, etc.

  • Performance & Capacity:  Graphical and statistical information about HSM utilization for individual or pools of HSMs.

  • Security:  Proactive alerts notify authorized subscribers via email or SMS messages when suspicious events occur.